#What’s on my… · 29 August 2018

What’s on my desk

Dell Monitor, Pok3r Keyboard, NPKC Gradient Keycaps, Google Home, Gilded File Holder, Cermatic Trees Ring Dish, Apple Juice Jar

Birds eye view of my office desk

My overall look for my home office is one that’s very clearly wood, white, copper, and pastel heavy. I wanted something that was clean and minimal, would work well when I’m coding, but would also work well when I’m writing, sketching, and crafting. Everything on my desk, with the exception of my monitor can tuck away at the edges giving me a lot of tablespace if I need it. Everything serves a purpose and has a home.


Closeup of the tech on my desk


The Dell UltraSharp 27” Monitor is pretty darn wonderful, I’ve been looking at monitors for a long time now, and never made the plunge until my partner suggested this one to me. I have more screen-realestate than I know how to deal with, and enough ports to plug in all the things.

My desktop wallpaper is a photo from a trip a couple of years back to Zion National Park in Utah.


This year I finally ventured into the land of mechanical keyboards, and I gotta say I’m sad I waited so long. My current setup is a Vortex Pok3r 60% Keyboard with blue LEDs. I replaced the standard black case with a walnut keyboard case (the wrist rest is included).

My last update to my keyboard was changing out my keycaps for ones I saw on Massdrop the NPKC Gradient Keycaps in sunset blue gradient. If you’re looking for new keycaps, Massdrop is 100% the place to be, I get emails regularly with new keycap drops that I’m so tempted by.

Noise Machines & Other Tech

I have two speakers on my desk: a portable bluetooth speaker the UE BOOM 2, and a Google Home with a copper base. The only other tech on my desk now is the standard Mac trackpad in white, and a logitech web cam.


Close up of my desk accessories

The Everything Holder

I’m using a file holder from CB2 as my laptop, journals, and letter holder. My journals for the past year and a half have been the “Strange Ideas & Impure Thoughts” dot grid journals – if you haven’t guess it, these journals were the inspiration for my homepage header.


I love being able to have a place to put my glasses at the end of the day, or when I’m working on something where I don’t need ‘em. I’m using this Ceramic Trees Ring Dish on Etsy to hold my glasses.

Random Finds

The light and fan on my desk were both acquired second-hand from co-workers: the light was given to me for free, the fan from a co-worker doing a spring cleaning/moving sale/some-decluttering-event. My pencil holder is a Martinelli’s Apple Juice jar from lunch one day, the markers are from MochiThings.