#What’s on my… · 29 August 2018

What’s on my android

Smart Launcher, TwoPixel, DarkMatter, Walli, Rounded Corder, Dashlane, Trello, Mr. Binario

Current Theme

Phone Home ScreenPhone Apps Screen


Launcher: Smart Launcher

Icon Packs: TwoPixel and DarkMatter

Wallpaper: Walli


My goal for this theme was to create something colorful and minimal. With that in mind I wanted to find a launcher with a customizable app drawer, and the ability to have different icons on the home and app screens. Smart Launcher was a perfect fit, the app screen is a swipe away and supports automatically grouping apps by category, as well as creating custom categories like “Favorites”.

On the homescreen I’m using the TwoPixel icon pack, ‘cause the colors and style went so perfectly with the wallpaper I’d chosen. While in the app drawer the icon pack being used is DarkMatter, I lean towards less-styalized icon packs in my app drawer so that any apps that don’t have a custom icon don’t look so jarring against the themed apps.

Top (Non-Standard) Apps

You most likely already have my top standard dailies: Spotify, YouTube, and Slack


Dashlane is a free password manager that I use on my phone and laptop, it’s compatiable with just about everything, and has a chrome extension to quickly allow you to sign into sites without typing your password


The only way my life would have any sembalance of organization

Mr. Binario

My current favorite subway game, simple mechanics that creatly a beautifully challenging (at times) game

Honorable Mentions

  • Google Authenticator: My main app for 2FA
  • Lyft: If you’re gonna rideshare, use Lyft
  • Rounded Corner: This my everyday carry equivalent for my phone, it’s a beautifully simple mod that adds rounded corners to the edges of your screen (across all apps)