#What’s on my… · 29 August 2018

What’s on my mac

Atom, Sublime, iTerm, Numi, Trello, Bear

Mac Desktop Screenshot


Atom Editor
I find that Atom works best for smaller projects, so I tend to use it when working on a smaller side project. I’m currently using the Atom Material UI theme with Lucario syntax theme.

Sublime Text

Screenshot of Sublime Text Editor App
Sublime is my go-to for largescale projects, like, where I need to be able to quickly open heavy files, and traverse a complex project.

iTerm and Zsh

Screenshot of iTerm Terminal App
I use iTerm instead of the default Mac terminal with zsh. I’m in love with the Spaceship prompt I’m using, and there are so many more wonderful plugins with oh-my-zsh!


Screenshot of Numi App
A new addition to my favs, Numi is a wonderful calculator app with support for some really cool things like currency conversion, pixel math, variables, and so much more!


Screenshot of Trello App
The cross-platform support of Trello is wonderful, and is what makes it my go to todo list app. I also have it installed on my phone, and it’s really helpful to be able to write to dos while out-and-about, and have them automatically sync.


Screenshot of Bear App
Bear is acutally the inspiration for this website, I wanted a site built on Markdown so that I could write my posts anywhere, and have it look beautiful on my site. The only con with Bear is that there’s currenlty no andorid support, it would be amazing to have a markdown-based note taking app that I can use on my macbook and phone.

Honorable Mentions

  • App Cleaner: I come across lists like this a lot, and install a bunch of apps to play with that I then would like to uninstall. App Cleaner helps me make sure no bits-and-pieces of the apps are left behind.
  • Flux: I’m a nightowl when I have a project I’m working on, flux makes late-night coding not a horrible squiting-in-blue-light-glare-fest.
  • Magnet: One of the best window managment systems for Mac
  • Karabiner Elements: I use a mechnical keyboard at home, and karabiner helps me map and cusotmize my keyboard